Andrew Schultz

I create art that engages the viewer physically, in the same manner life engages me. I choose to utilize glass as a component of my sculpture for the versatility of the material, as well as its intrinsic characteristics. The duality of feeling young and old, in my mind, has pushed me to explore various structures and social systems. Creating connections through divisions I aim at synthesizing these interactions into physical representations. It is through this self-exploration and voyage that I filter my interactions with the world at large. 

The physically exhaustive process of its creation, along with the transitive property of the material, continuously draws my attention to glass. As a medium of expression, hot glass requires the direct manipulation through indirect contact of the hand. Glass is a technically challenging material to grasp and one that is constantly proving that I always have something to learn. It is a physical culmination in process of the very duality that my work exhibits. 

I challenge the viewer to remove themselves from the mundane and allow themselves to open into a moment. I aim at creating work that contains a presence, affecting the physical and mental state of the viewer’s existence. Whether it is from disgust, dislike, appreciation, or uncertainty, a reaction should take place.


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